By using Machine Learning technics on your existing data, you will be able to create insights that you can use to predict sales, target marketing campaigns, identify fraud, predict the need for maintenance to mention a few common use cases. All of these can be implemented as part of analytical solutions or in operational systems.


One of the key benefits to those organizations that are already using Machine Learning in their business is that they get a competitive advantage, against those in the same industry that don't. According to the survey "Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage" by MIT Technology Review in partnership with Google, 46% of respondents are using the technics to get a competitive advantage.


With the rapid growth of data the need to use new methods to gain insights are here. Trying to analyze log files, IoT data or data with large amounts of dimensions is not viable with traditional BI. Machine Learning can help you to find anomalies, clusters, segments and patterns that are extremely time consuming to do using traditional BI methods.

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